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About Beas Kund

Beas Kund, located in Manali is a trekking spot, which is gaining its popularity among adventure seekers. The place can be reached after a long walk through the rugged terrains of Solang. Cars from Manali will only take you till Solang and from there, one needs to walk to the campsite of Bakerthach. Beas Kund is different from other trekking sites in India. Apart from the mesmerising beauty of this place, this site also offers you an opportunity to visit some of the finest place of Manali and experience the wonders of nature first hand.

How to reach

By Road : From Manali, cars will take you to Solang. From there, one needs to get on foot and travel to Beas Kund. From Bakerthach, it takes around 4-5 hours to travel to Beas Kund. 
By Rail : Manali, which happens to be the starting point of trekking to Beas Kund, does not have a station of its own. The nearest station is at Ambala cantonment in Chandigarh.
By Air : Nearest airport is at Bhuntar, which is 50 kilometers away from Manali. Chandigarh Airport is located 178 kilometers away.

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  • When to visit
  • Trekking involves a lot of risk and this region is becoming unfriendly during the winter. Tourists are advised to travel during the summers. Also avoid venturing out in this region during the monsoon.

  • What to Eat
  • Tourists can find hotels in and around Manali but once you are up there at Beas Kund, make sure you carry your own food items. Carry adequate amounts of dry food and chocolates.

  • Attractions
  • Solang Valley : Located between Solang Village and Beas Kund, this place is not only famous for its glaciers and snow-capped mountain tops, tourist visit this place also to enjoy the countless activities like- para gliding and many more.
    Nehru Kund : This place is named after the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. The cold and pristine water of region is something you can never miss. 
    Manu Temple : It is widely believed that this is the only temple, dedicated to Manu, who happens to be the creator of human race (according to Hindu Mythology). The temple bears resemblance to that of a Pagoda.

  • Activities
  • - Beas Kund, along with its adjacent areas are known for adventure activities which include rock climbing, para-gliding, river rafting and many more. Trekking is perhaps the most common sport here. 
    - At Beas Kund, one needs to stay in camp and the experience can be a thrilling one. The entire region is known for its natural beauty, and offers a chance for photography. 


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