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About Chitkul

It is a small village located deep within the Kinnaur Valley It also happens to be the last inhabited village on the Indo-Tibet border. This small valley is characterised by vast and windy landscape, serene and scenic beauty and lots of green trees. Like almost every spot in Himachal, this spot is also beautiful and will surely strike deep in your heart.

How to reach

By Road : This place can be easily access from either Shimla or Chandigarh. Government, as well as private buses are available from both these places.
By Rail : Shimla railway station can be the nearest railway station, from where you can obtain transport facilities. 
By Air : Both Shimla and Chandigarh have their own airports. Vehicles-on-hire are available from both the places.

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Chitkul ( Image Courtesy - Google )

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  • When to visit
  • People can visit this during any ti9me of the year. However, during winter, the roads get closed due to heavy snowfall.

  • What to Eat
  • North Indian foods are very common here, which also includes non-vegetarian dishes. Few hotels are there which cater to the tourists.

  • Attractions
  • The main attractions around here include the small houses which are made of either slate or wooden plank roof. It also houses a small Buddhist Temple and a small tower.
    Kagyupa Temple : Here in this temple the age old image of Shakyamuni Buddha is worshipped.
    Kinnaur : Tourists can also visit the adjacent valley of Kinnaur, which is famous for beautiful sanctuaries, forts and monasteries.

  • Activities
  • - There are a lot of places to roam around in Chitkul. Take your time and enjoy everything that you see. 
    - Apart from sight-seeing, tourists can also enjoy picnics, camping, trekking and other activities.

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