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About Dumboor Lake

Dumboor Lake, shaped like a tapered drum and thus deriving its name from the small tapered percussion instrument or ‘Damroo’ of Lord Shiva, lies in the Amarpur subdivision, about 120 kms away from the capital city of Agartala. This lake is a confluence of the Rivers Raima and Sarma and is spread across an area of 41 square kilometres of water surface and surrounded by 48 small islands, lined by beautiful hills and the lush green natural landscape. The water reservoir of the lake teems with both natural and cultured fishes which swim playfully in the lake.

How to reach

By Road : Dumboor Lake is about 120 kms from Agartala and 60 kms from Udaipur (Tripura). State buses are available from both these places to reach Dumboor Lake. 
By Rail : The nearest railheads are at Kumarghat and Dharmanagar. From here Dumboor can be reached by road. 
By Air : The nearest Airport is Agartala which is 120 kms from Dumboor Lake. From the airport, taxis, buses, private cars are available to reach your destination.

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  • When to visit
  • This place can be visited throughout the year but winters are more interesting with migratory birds visiting this lake for their winter journey.

  • What to Eat
  • Local delicacies as well as regular meals are available in the nearest town of JatanBari which is 11 kms away, or else tourists can carry dry foods to sustain themselves in this one day trip of this serene lake environment.

  • Attractions
  • There are a few interesting attractions near this lake.
    - Rudrasagar Lake- This Lake is famous for the only water palace in North-east, NeerMahal which stands in the middle of this lake, built as a summer resort by the Manikya dynasty. 
    - Kamalasagar Lake- excavated in 15th century, this lake has a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali on its banks. It is also a great picnic spot. 
    - Khowra Lake- famous for the Shivasthali or the place/temple of Lord Shiva where fairs are held twice a year.
    - There is a Hydel project near the Dumboor Lake from where the river Gomti originates. This originating point is known as ‘Tirthamukh’ where Poush Sankranti Mela is held every year.

  • Activities
  • - Tourists can watch the migratory birds which visit this lake during winters, or can engage in the various water sports facilities around this lake or can also enjoy boating in this clear and beautiful lake.

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