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About Gandhi Hill

The Gandhi Hill (elevation 500 ft. (150 m)) is a hill in Vijayawada, situated behind the Vijayawada railway station in the Tarapet area. A Gandhi Memorial, built on this hill, is the first in the country to have seven stupas. The hill is also popularly known by the name of Gandhi. The hill was formerly known as ORR hill. Gandhi Hill is considered as a monument of Indian Independence struggle and pays homage to Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhi Hill Memorial has a stone slab with inscriptions of Gandhi quotations.

How to reach

By Air : Vijayawada Airport is the nearest airport that serves the city of Vijayawada.
By Rail : Vijayawada is well connected to the rest of India via railways as well. Regular rail services operate on a daily basis to and fro Vijayawada. Vijayawada Junction is the principal railway station that serves the city of Vijayawada.
By Road : Regular bus services ply to and fro the city of Vijayawada. They operate on a daily basis, whether day or night, from places like Nellore, Vishakhapatnam etc. You can also take shared taxis or cabs for the same route.


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  • When to visit
  • This place can be visited throughout the year. Although tourists flock to this place mainly during winters which is the peak season.

  • What to eat
  • From the very popular Hyderabadi Biryani to authentic Andhra food to even multi-cuisine dishes, Vijayawada offers to its people and visitors hygienic and flattering food. Indulge in non-vegetarian delicacies with rich, and tangy Mughal flavors or order a vegetarian thali for all the best things of Andhra's cuisine in one platter.

  • Attractions
  • The facility has a library and a planetarium, and offers a show on the father of the nation. On 6 October 1968, a stupa 52 ft. (16 m) tall was unveiled by former President of India, Dr. Zakir Hussain.It is the first Gandhi Memorial in India constructed on a hillock. It has seven stupas placed at a height of 492ft from sea level. The panorama from Gandhi hill is mesmerizing, and gives an enchanting view of Vijayawada city.

  • Actitvities
  • - It also has a planetarium and a light and sound show dedicated to Gandhi's works and teachings which are visited and seen by visitors, by which visitors can know the teachings of the 'FATHER OF INDIA'.


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