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About Gurramkonda Fort

Located at a height of 2125 feet, Gurramkonda fort, built 500 years ago is a hill-fort located in Chittoor district, was originally a mud and rock construction which came under the rule of Vijayanagara kingdom and changed hands until it was took over by British.

How to reach

By Air :The closest International airport is located in Chennai and the nearest domestic airport is in Tirupati. 
By Rail : Kurabalakota Railway Station is the closest railway station which is about 16 km away from the Gurramkonda Fort. It is well-connected with the other cities and towns of Andhra Pradesh. 
By Road : As Chittoor is situated at NH4 which is well connected with major towns and cities of the state as well as the country. So one can easily reach here via road by private or state vehicle.

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  • When to visit
  • The best time to visit this place is during the months of September to December.

  • What to eat
  • Local food is available here in the nearby district of Chittoor, or one can carry light snacks with them if they want.

  • Attractions
  • According to local legend, the hill-fort was called 'Gurramkonda' since there was a statue of a horse on top of the hill, which was believed to be the guardian of the fort. The fort was unconquerable so long as the horse remained there. When the Marathas attacked on the hill, they tried to conquer the fort in many ways but failed. When they learnt about the legend of the horse statue, a Maratha chief managed to scale the hill one night, and carried the statue with him.Next time, they attacked and successfully conquered the fort. This place is also famous for fort ruins, the Rangin Mahal Palace and the tomb of Mir Raza Ali Khan, Tipu Sultan's maternal uncle.

  • Activities
  • This fort, its ruins, and its architecture and nearby historical and heritage monuments makes it a favourite place for tourists and history-buffs. 


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