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About Jana Waterfalls

Jana Waterfalls lies within the territorial jurisdiction of Manali and is located in a small village called Jana. This nondescript but picturesque place is only a few kilometres away from Naggar in Manali. To get a better and clearer view of the Jana Falls and also to enjoy its complete essence, one needs to indulge into a small trek in order to reach the uphill. After all, this is Himachal Pradesh and here, trekking is always fun.

How to reach

By road : Naggar is the place from where you need to start your journey to reach Jana Falls. Tourists can also directly travel from Manali as well. 
By Rail : Reaching Manali should be the first priority as there is no direct railway link to Jana Falls. 
By Air : Nearby airports are located in Bhuntar and Chandigarh. From the terminal take a cab to the town of Manali.

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  • When to visit
  • Best time to vist this place is during the summers and also during the month of November and December.

  • What to Eat
  • Stock yourself with adequate amount of food items from Manali. However, your tour to the falss will never last for more than 5-6 hours.

  • Attractions
  • Green Forests : The area around this fall is covered with trees like- Apple trees, Deodar and Pine trees and many more. The place is too beautiful to miss out. 
    Also one can please the eyes with the sight of snow-covered mountain peaks. Also the whistling sound of the waterfalls is simply mesmerising.

  • Activities
  • - The falls create a small pool at its base, so tourists can take a bath in the soothing waters of the falls. 
    - Also the Jana Falls is widely known as a popular picnic spot even among the locals. So, if you are carrying enough food items along with you, then you can easily enjoy a day out with your loved ones.

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