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About Kangra

Kangra, the term itself is made out of two different words- Kaann (meaning Ear) and Gaddha (meaning create/mold). The place derived its name from its renowned and ancient plastic surgeons, who used to provide plastic srgery to the royals. Today, Kangra is a city located in the Kangra district. Earlier it was known as Nagarkot and later as Bhimagar. It is widely believed that this city was founded by the Katoch Kshatriya Rajputs. At present, Kangra is one of the most beautiful, picturesque and luxuriant valleys of the Lower Himalayas which has been sheltered by the sublime Dhauladhar Range. Apart from tourism, it is also known for its tea cultivation. 

How to reach

By Road : Buses for Kangra are available from places like Chandigarh, Shimla, Pathankot and Delhi. From Delhi, it takes around 8 hours to travel to Kangra. 
By Rail : Kangra is the nearest railway station. Trains for Kangra are available from Delhi and Chandigarh. 
By Air : Kangra airport is the nearest one. From the airport, the main city is 1 kilometre away.

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  • When to visit
  • Tourists can visit this place throughout the year. Peak tourist season is during the summers and during the months of November and December.

  • What to Eat
  • Being a popular tourist site, a lot of good restaurants and eateries operate here. They serve all kinds of dish, ranging from North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Local.

  • Attractions
  • Brajeshwari Temple : Considered as one of the most touching and spiritually enlightened place of worship in the whole of Himachal Pradesh, this temple is located 2 kilometres away from the centre of the town. 
    Kangra Fort : It happens to be the most popular tourist site in the whole of Kangra. This historical structure, with its gigantic size stands witness to a lots of ups and downs throughout time. This fort traces its roots to the Trigarta Kingdom and is the largest fort in Himalayas and one of the oldest in India. 
    Kareri Lake : This lake is a fresh water lake and it originates from the streams of Dhauladhar ranges. This lake presents a panoramic view of the surroundings and is perfect place for nature photography. 
    Kangra Art Museum : This museum is dedicated to preserve the rich cultural heritage and art works of the Tibetan and Buddhist clans. Artefacts like - jewelry, paintings, pottery and sculptures are preserved and displayed here. 
    Apart from these, other significant places include- Chamunda Devi temple, Jwala Devi temple, Tashijong and Pragpur Village. One needs to stay here for a couple of days to see all the important places.

  • Activities
  • - Apart from visiting the places, tourists can also indulge in shopping. A number of shopping centres are there in the centre of the Kangra town which offers a lot of good and beautiful things.
    - Try to get yourself acquainted with the rich culture and heritage of Kangra. This place has got a vast history of its own. It has witnessed many rise and falls, and has got a lot of stories; stories that can thrill you.

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