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About Khara Pathar

Situated at a height of 8,770 Ft. Khara Pathar, a tiny Himalayan village, is known for its apple gardens, for its slopes and also for that famous egg-shaped stone that stands erect on the slopes of the mountains. In simple terms, it is an ideal tourist spot in the lap of mother-nature. The slopes of the mountains are often used as walkways. Khara Pathar is also the place, from where river Giri Ganga originates. In fact, a small temple is built there as well.

How to reach

By Road : This place is located 77 kilometres from the town of Shimla and can be easily accessible by means of bus or hired cabs. 
By Rail : No direct railway link is there to Khara Pathar. One needs of travel via Shimla in order to reach this place. 
By Air : Jubarhati is the nearest airport, located around 3 kilometres away from the centre of the town of Shimla. Cabs are available from the terminus as well.

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  • When to visit
  • Best time to visit this place is during the months of May to August and during the Months of November and December.

  • What to Eat
  • Since it is a very small village, so tourists must not expect a lots of quality eateries. However, some small food stalls are there that most serve local dishes.

  • Attractions
  • River Giri Ganga : River Giri Ganga originates from this place. The source of the river is on the top and can be reached after a 4 kilometre trek. The route to the source is mostly covered by deodar and apple trees. 
    Khara Pathar: This iconic rock is the main attraction and almost disobeys the laws of gravity. The stone stands erect and never rolls down the slope. 
    Temple Complex : The temple, dedicated to the river Giri Ganga is located just before the source of the river. The complex is under construction, however, the attendants at the temple never misses to welcome any one.

  • Activities
  • - If you are visiting during the months of early November, then don’t forget to try out the fresh apples. Also en route to the source of the river, you might get to see some of the lovely images of the surroundings.
    - There are lots of ideal spots around here, where one can organise a small picnic. In fact tourists can cover this place is less than a day. The uniqueness of this place lies in the source of this river, something that you don’t see everywhere.

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