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About Palolem Beach

Palolem used to be one of the quietest beachs in Goa. It got its first hotel only in 1989. It was a paradise destination for lovers. But now this place is cheaply crowded by huts and rooms.

How to reach

By Air :The nearest air station of this place is Goa International Airport just about 68 kms.
By Rail :Mudgaon railway station is located at a distance of 43 kms. It is the nearest railway station from Palolem. This is the simple and cheap way to hop the land of the beach.
By Road :This beach is well connected to Goa.

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Palolem Beach ( Image Courtesy - Google )

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  • When to visit
  • One can hit this place anytime, but in the monsoons the waves are very much unpredictable.

  • What to eat
  • Hippie people may try barbecues and some drinks underneath the open sky after visiting the place.

  • Attractions
  • Pandavas' Dam i.e a cup shaped rock. Many people comes to visit this place to throw stones on the rock. If the stone hits a particular spot of the rock one can here resonant sound. Figueiredo House and Patnem-Colombo brach are also very famous.

  • Activities
  • Boat trip to see dolphins, a day trip to Dudhsagar falls, visiting spice farms, fishing boat ride with local fisherman are the activities offered here.One can get yoga teaching training classes over this place.

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