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About Prashar lake

Prashar lake is a high altitude lake whicvh enriches the beauty od the Northern Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by Dhauladhar Range in the Kullu valley and located at an altitude of 2,730 metres above sea level, this place has been named after Sage Prashar. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Prashar is also home to a three-storeyed pagoda like structure. Not only for religious purposes, Prashar is also famous for trekking and hiking.  The trek offers a 180 degree view of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kinnaur mountain ranges.

How to reach

By Road : Mandi is the nearest town from where one can expect to get transport services available fo Prashar Lake. Mandi is only 49 kilometres from Prashar.
By Rail : The town of Kullu, located 65 kilometres away, has the nearest railway station. From Kullu buses and cabs are easily available. 
By Air : Chandigarh and Shimla are the nearest places with airports of their own. Cahndigarh is 200 kilometres away. From there, buses and cabs are easily available.

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  • When to visit
  • Best time to vist this place is during the months of summer and winter. During monsoon, most of the roads become unsuitable for communication.

  • What to Eat
  • Some small eateries and hotels are there where one can refresh themselves with some snacks or some rice and curry.

  • Attractions
  • Prashar Lake : The primary centre of attraction, where one can enjoy the ultimate solace. Located right in the centre of the mountain and along a popular trekking route, the fresh water lake is free from pollution and human interference. 
    The Temple : The temple dedicated to Sage Prashar is located right beside the lake and is visited by many tourists. The temple along with lake in the middle is the ultimate definition of picturesque beauty. 
    Tourists can also visit the three storedey Buddhist monastery which has its own historical and religious significance.

  • Activities
  • - Trekking is one of the most popular activities. The 5 kilometre trekking route between Baggi and Prashar is rapidly gaining its popularity, both in India and abroad. 
    - Apart from trekking, one can also seek solace in camping, hiking and nature photography. It is needless to mention that the scenic beauty of this pkace will surely mesmerise the tourists.

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