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About Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

A noteworthy wildlife habitat, situated in the northern part of Tripura, is the Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary. It has an area of only 86 hectares and is the one of the few natural forests left in this state. It is home to a variety of flora such as herbs, aromatic plants, orchids, spices, ornamental flowers, etc. and various wild fauna including reptiles, primates, and birds. This natural habitat is visited by botanists, researchers, tourists and people who have interest in wildlife.

How to reach

By Road :This wildlife sanctuary is situated near Panisagar in Tripura and is adjacent to the national highway, so it is easily accessible from all parts of Tripura.
By Rail :The nearest railway station is Dharmanagar from where private cars or auto rickshaws or buses can be availed to reach here.
By Air :The nearest Airport is Agartala from where cars or taxis are available to Panisagar.

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  • When to visit
  • Throughout the year.

  • What to Eat
  • The nearest town is Dharmanagar where there are several eateries serving delicious local as well as eastern cuisines.

  • Attractions
  • Since it is a small sanctuary, the attractions are mainly the various species of birds, plants, herbs, and the wild vegetation that can be seen here. The nearby places to visit along with this sanctuary are Neermahal, Unakoti, to name a few.

  • Activities
  • Since this is a small area, not much activities are allowed here. But tourists visit this place for its natural forest and Jungle safari conducted by the forest department.

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