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About Vodarevu Beach

This beach lies about 6 kms away, in the west coast of Bay of Bengal, near the Chirala village in the Prakasham district of Andhra Pradesh. This beach has a natural charm of its own that attracts visitors from far and wide. The atmosphere here gives a tranquil feel to the otherwise chaotic situation in the cities far away. The constant horn blares are replaced by sea birds, sea waves, and the coconut trees which forms a natural backdrop against the pristine waters and the sand shore of the sea.

How to reach

By Road : Vodarevu Beach is easily accessible through the other towns and cities of Andhra Pradesh. State and private buses are available from the nearest town of Vijaywada which is about 70 kms away. Local transport is also available from the nearby Chirala village.
By Rail : The nearest railway station is at Chirala which is just 5 kms from the beach side. Suburban trains can be taken from any major station of Andhra Pradesh to reach Chirala and then take any auto rickshaw or private car to the beach. 
By Air : The nearest airport is at Vijaywada, about 90 kms away. Taxis and tourist cars are available to take you to the beach directly.

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  • When to visit
  • Vodarevu beach can be visited throughout the year, but the best time to visit would be the winters.

  • What to eat
  • The beach side, though away from the city, has several eateries and restaurants that offer a variety of sea food, local cuisines of Andhra Pradesh and other nutritious dishes.

  • Attractions
  • The nearby attractions in Vodarevu Beach are Prakasham Barrage Lake, Undavalli, Motupalle beach, Manginapudi beach, Ramapuram beach,  Kanak Durga Temple, Buddhist sites like Amaravati, Gudivada, Ghantasala. All these tourist spots can be accessed easily from Vijaywada on your way to Vodarevu Beach.

  • Activities
  • -Just walking through the beachside, watching the sunset and sunrise over the sea horizon, swimming, taking part in the fishing boat expeditions which is one of the famous activities of this beach, which is a water adventure worth engaging in.

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