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About Araku Valley

Araku Valley is a comparatively unexplored hill station mostly visited by locals as a weekend getaway and is situated some 120 kilometres away from Vishakhapatnam. Blessed with terrific natural beauty, this destination is a serene respite from the hustle bustle of city life. Located in the gentle hills of Eastern Ghats, Araku Valley is also home to a number of tribes as well. This valley is also home to a few tribal caves and the Museum of Tribal Arts, which are an experience in their own right. This destination is quite famous for its exquisite coffee, whose subtle aroma will have you craving for a cuppa.

How to reach

By Air : The nearest airport is in Visakhapatnam. Visakhapatnam is well-connected by flights that come from Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and other major cities of India. 
By Rail :  The only train to Araku is from Vishakhapatnam which connects it to the other major cities. The journey takes nearly five hours.
By Road : Apart from buses run by the state government, there are also many cabs available connecting the Araku Valley to Vishakhapatnam. Private buses from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Chennai also run at regular intervals.

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  • When to visit
  • The best suggested time for visiting Araku valley is between November to February. It gets quiet cold here after December and the temperature often goes as down as 4 degree Celsius.

  • What to eat
  • While there are a few good eating places in Araku working as multi cuisine restaurants, there mostly are local dhabas serving Chinese, Odiya, South Indian platters to the travellers. While the food can be rated decent, don't keep high expectations for a classy ambience.

  • Attractions
  • While here, one must visit the tribal museums and the million years old Borra caves. The text, pictures, symbols carved on the wall of the caves, their million year existence is bound to fascinate people interested in archaeology and history. Chaprai and Anantgiri fall must also be visited, which are located nearby. In addition to the Museum of Tribal Arts and Kaitiki waterfall located in the valley,  a coffee museum is also located nearby, which is a look into Araku's coffee culture.

  • Activities
  • - In addition to trekking, you can also try your hands at swimming. Sightseeing, photography, visit to fields, interactions with locals, and getting to know the tribal culture are great activities to make the most of your trip to Araku.You can also enjoy a hot cup of coffee here, and assorted coffee based chocolates are the perfect gift to take back home.

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