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Jowai is the headquarters of West Jaintia Hills and is home to the Pnar tribe. It is a scenic place located on a plateau surrounded on three sides by the Myntdu river bordering Bangladesh to the south.
Jowai experiences warm and pleasant summers with cool to chilly winters. Jowai is 1380 m above sea level.

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  • Places Of Interest
  • - Syndai
    Village is dotted with a number of caves and caverns, used as hide-outs during war times between Jaintia kings and foreign intruders.

    - Nartiang Monoliths
    65 kms from Shillong, was the summer capital of the Jaintia Kings, of Sutnga State.Monoliths exist throughout the length and breadth of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. However, the largest collection of monoliths lies here.

    - Thadlaskein Lake
    56 kms from Shillong, its very scenic and picturesque.

    - Stone Bridge
    This is an old historic stone bridge used by the Jaintia Rajas to cross while travelling from their Summer Capital in Nartiang to their Winter Capital in Jaintiapur.

    - Durga Temple
    The famous temple of the region, the Durga temple is located near the remnants of the Summer Palace.

    - Jowai Presbyterian Church
    The oldest church in Jaintia Hills built by the Welsh Presbyterian Mission around 150 years ago, is located within the precincts of town. It is one of the few structures that still retain the British form of architecture.

    - Lalong Park
    This ecological park has much to offer nature lovers. A picturesque view of the pynthor wah valley of the Myntdu river can be seen from this park.

    - Tyrchi Falls
    A waterfall located at approximately 8 KM from the heart of Jowai.