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About Laitumkhrah

It is situated in the heart of Shillong.
Laitumkhrah is a census town in Shillong, Meghalaya.This place is relatively cold compared to other places of Shillong. Laitumkhrah has a number of churches, schools and colleges.Laitumkhrah also houses the famous Ramakrishna Mission Shillong.
From Laitumkhrah there runs three roads connecting Happy Valley, Umpling & New Colony.

Hangout Zone

The place is a hangout zone for most school and college students of Shillong owing to several educational institutions.
Laitumkhrah means "Place where the River Umkhrah originates".

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  • Attractions

  • - Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church
    - Umiam Lake
    - Police Bazar
    - Elephant Falls
    - Shillong Peak
    - Don Bosco Centre
    - Spread Eagle Falls