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About Williamnagar

Williamnagar is the headquarters of East Garo Hills district in the state of Meghalaya in India. It was named after Captain Williamson. It is located on the large plains of the Simsang River. A very remote area usually known for natural beauty.

How to reach

Road: Road transportation is the only means of transportation to Williamnagar. One can get buses and private vehicles.
Rail: The nearest station is Guwahati, at a distance of 137 kms from Williamnagar.

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  • Attractions

  • - Simsang Festival: Miss Simsang Beauty Pageant, Fashion Show, Food Festival, Wine Festival take place.Event held in the month of December.
    - Mrik Wari: Mrik Wari is a place close to the Simsang River famous for its rock formations.
    - Naka Chikong: 118 km from Williamnagar, is a big rock with deep hollows, in the middle of Ildek river in Badaka village.
    - Simsang River: Visit Chamera Lake, as the tourists get enough of the beauty. Enjoy Sunset and Tranquility.