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Bullet Baba - Rajasthan

There is another unique place in Rajasthan, where you will not find any deity. Here in this place, they worship a bike, a Bullet Bike to be more precise. Bizarre as it might sound, but the people here repose their faith on a manmade thing and they believe it will protect them.

The Mystery

The bike belonged to a man named Om Singh Rathore alias Om Banna, who died at that very spot in a tragic road accident while riding back home on that very bike. What intrigues the most is that the police took away the bike and emptied its fuel tank numerous times but each time the bike returns to the same accident spot. They even used chains to bind the bike with a pillar but to no avail. When the authorities gave up, the locals built a temple around the same bike on the same spot.

No theory could confidently explain the disappearance of the bike from the official custody. Fingers had been pointed to some local mischievous gangs who might have stolen the bike from the custody and brought it there. But no one can surely say anything, and like many other mysteries, it remains unresolved, and the locals prefer worshipping the bike.