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Jatinga Assam - Suicidal Birds

In Assam, there is place, calm and picturesque, which experiences a bizarre kind of thing. Generally we hear about people killing themselves for various reasons. But have you ever heard of birds killing themselves? Yes, in Jatinga, Assam, during the foggy and dark nights of monsoon, migratory birds gather at this spot and commit suicide en masse. The phenomenon takes place especially during the month of September and October. The birds simple goes for a nosedive and crash into trees and buildings.

The Mystery

Like every mystery, there are a lot of speculations regarding this place as well. People believe that, this place is ominous for birds. Some also brings in the concept of divine intervention and state that cursed birds are bound to travel here and kill themselves.

Ornithologists attempted to solve this problem. They argue that high altitude coupled with dense fog make visibility difficult for birds and they get their views dazed. This blind the birds temporarily and they crash into structures. However, they fail to explain fact that why they go for such an incredible nosedive. Till date, all kinds of measures adopted by the forest department to deter the birds to commit suicide has largely failed and they continue to come here and kill themselves.