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Mini Desert - Karnataka

Located on the banks of river Kauvery, in the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka, this small piece of land still confuses a whole lot of Geologists and researchers. Generally a river bank is supposed to be filled with greenery, but for Talakadu, the story is not so green. Talakdu is a small village which lies buried deep in sand. History says that this place once housed 30 temples, 5 of which represented the 5 faces of Lord Shiva.

The Mystery

It is widely believed that this place was cursed by a widowed devotee of Lord Shiva. She is also believed to have cursed the royal family. Following this, the place transformed into a strange desert. So strange is the present geography of this place, that first time visitors might think that they have entered a sea-beach. Till date, numerous theories are there regarding this place.

No definite theory is available which can substantiate this strange phenomenon. While geologists blame the climatic condition of this place, others think that there might have been an existence of an actual desert around a thousand years ago. These conflicting theories however, failed to satisfy the curious minds, who still throng this place, just to witness this mystery.