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Red Rain - Kerala

There is a place in Kerala, called- Idukki, which is being famed for a different purpose. Tourists visit Kerala for witnessing the vegetation of the Western Ghats or to have a close look of the backwaters. Apart from that, there is another thing that brings a lot of intrigues people to Idukki; the red rain of this place. The red coloured rainfall first took place on the 25th of July 2001, and continued sporadically for 2 months.

The Mystery

The red coloured rain stained the clothes of the people. When some of them collected the rain in some containers, then red particles begin to settle in the base of the containers. No one could make out, where this red particles came from. Some local villagers tried to impress upon the fact that the rain is a ominous sign which foretells of an impending doom.

Scientists after studying the phenomenon, concluded that the red particles are nothing but some air-borne spores of the locally grown Alga in the region, that got mixed with water droplets in the upper atmosphere. They have denied the role of any curse or the ominous activities. However, the red rain is something to watch out for.