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Tale of Twins - Kerala

This mystery is centred round a small village in Malppuram, in Kerala. The village is called- Kodinhi, or the ‘Village of Twins’. The striking feature of this village is that, it witnesses exceptionally large number of birth of twins. Whether it is some coincidence or sheer, no one knows. Only one thing is certain here, that if some lady is born here, and if she decide to be a mother, she will give birth to a twin. Even if she is married outside the village, to some far away land, she will still give birth to a twin.

The Mystery

The moment you set your foot here, you will be dumbfounded to see twins almost everywhere. This is a feat which is having no parallels anywhere round the world. Local inhabitants believe that there are some kinds of divine intervention, which is kind enough to bless almost every household with a twin. They argue, and believe that the divine intervention guides their women everywhere they go, otherwise how are they giving birth to twins, in some far away corner of the country.

Genealogists argue that, the ground water of this particular region is responsible for this phenomenon. They say, that the mineral composition of the ground water here is different and has somehow affected the genetic coding of the inhabitants, especially the women here. So, theoretically, it is water that is creating this incredibility.